Because form and light are so inextricably linked in architectural spaces, a close consideration of the relationship between the two is central to the design process. Points of particular interest include corridors and intersections of light, the framing of light, oscillations between light and dark, and the convergence of natural, artificial, and reflected light. Sculpting the path of light through space enables a special experience of that space.



The composition of a space is presented through the particular combination of material and formal components. Through careful selection, essential related details may be clearly articulated, refined, and elevated. The intended result is a space made simple and serene through detail.



Materiality enables myriad visual, tactile, and auditory experiences of space. By using a very select range of classic materials, and by combining those materials in innovative ways, powerful relationships emerge. The goal is an environment that offers an abiding sense of harmony and timelessness.



We have anywhere from eight to twelve projects in progress at once, and try to take photos at each of our weekly site visits. Here are some photos of our architectural process.